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We believe that time, energy, and financial resources may be limited but we are determined to create boundless achievements.

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Java, Sumatera

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Java, Sumatera

On the long travel towards future, we will constantly explore new ways.

The Future is Our Enterprise

is defined by our philosophy and modern management system.

We believe that time, energy, and financial resources may be limited but we are determined to create boundless achievements.

Thus, it has been the key to our success over the past years and is a vital element to our futher explorations of the infinite possibilities.

It also helps us to create a lot of important decision along the way.

On of such decisions is to focus our investment in the energy sector (including mining, oil, and gas) and utilization of forests.

We are confident these areas will continue to be excellent business prospects.

It becomes our contribution to the national reserves and the progress of our nation.


That decision in proven right. Our enterprise evolves. A number of our company are listed in various world stock markets. It shows that the market trusts our people that the honest, hardworking, and innovative.

They trust our performance and the positive values we built. It makes us more confident that we can strengthen our leadership in future reforms and innovations.

– Harun Abidin (Chairman)


Years Established


Oil and Gas Sector

PT Permata Selaras Mandiri is a leading rig company, mud logging services, land transport, heavy equipment and drilling tools rental. Aiming to be important partner in making oil and gas and geothermal available …

Mining Sector

COKAL LIMITED (Cokal) is a global metallurgical business which holds. The interest in coal explorations tenements in Kalimantan (Indonesia), Tanzania, and in the Clarence – Moreton, Surat and Bowen basins in Australia.

Plantation Sector

PT Permata Strategy has recieved 68,000 hectare forest tenament right. Previously called HPH. Now it’s called IUPHH – HA (Business Permit for Timber Forest Product Utilization – Nature Forest) in Toli-toli …

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TATA ARTHA GROUP is a holding company that concentrates on oil, gas, and geothermal sector such integrated drilling and heavy equipment. Besides, TATA ARTHA GROUP carries out business on mineral exploration and mining sector such as coal, nickel ore, iron ore, galena and molybdenum. The group is also engaged in the timber forest tenement right and plantation sector.

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